Our recipes for Pakistam food recipes include both vegetable salad recipes and fruit salad recipes or fruit cocktails. These recipes include ingredients that are specially available or manufactured in Pakista. We use the fruits and vegetables available in Pakistan. Some popular salad recipes are: Russian salad recipe, cheese salad recipe, colod salad. We also have listed names for popular salad bars in Pakistan. Potato salad recipe, chicken salad and pasta salad with cheese are favorite among different salads. Raita is famous kind of salad eaten with biryani or pilau. It is prepared by mixing variety of salad vagetables in yoghurt and spices. It gives brilliant flavor with rice. Dressings for salads are easy to make and vinegar, lemon, spices salt is used to make salad dressing and different creations. Decorative salads are wonderful addition to table and good to taste as well.